Please Note: With cancer, we recommend surgery if at all possible, as removing or reducing tumour burden, enhances the opportunity for the immune system to overcome cancer.

Medical Immunotherapy

We aim to use treatments that weaken cancer, strengthen healthy cells, and help the immune system to fight cancer. This can involve nutrients, heat, electrical fields, naturally occuring deglycosylated proteins, immunoglobulins, lactoferrins and plant extracts to modulate your immune system.

Advanced Molecular Drug Delivery

Nutritional Guidance

High blood sugar levels suppress the immune system [6] and Cancer cells have over six times the number of insulin receptors that healthy cells do [5]. This means that cancer cells are feeding on glucose, and blood glucose reduction has shown to be anti-cancer [4].

We recommend a low carbohydrate diet, or more specifically a Ketogenic Diet, to support immune function.
Ketogenic Diet Guide

Emotional Training

Immune function improves with positive emotions [2] and relaxation practice [3].

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