The Swiss Protocol for Cancer

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Please Note: We recommend surgery if at all possible, as removing or reducing tumour burden, enhances the opportunity for the immune system to overcome cancer.

The Ketogenic Diet

Basically you are eating above the ground green stuff, lots of fat (avocado, coconut oil, butter, olive oil etc.) and 20+ tablets of MAP® protein with optional 100 grams of meat/eggs/fish/poultry per day. Measure your ketones with a finger prick blood test meter. You are in Nutritional Ketosis at 0.5 to 3.0 mmol/L. Levels up to 6.0 can occur from starvation. If you eat too many carbs or too much protein (except MAP®) per day you will drop out of ketosis. Also measure your glucose levels. They should progressively decrease and remain stable to the lowest possible value and NOT increase after meals. However, do NOT lose weight – increase MAP tablets up to 50 a day and eat more macadamia nuts and avocados to stop weight loss.

Dietary Supplements

Pro-Oxidative Status

Implement moderate exercise or hyperthermia to establish and maintain a pro-oxidative status.

Positive Emotions

Download the Stanford University practice of forgiveness and the Berkeley University practice of gratitude, and put these into practice to strengthen your immune system.
Download Forgiveness PDF
Download Gratitude PDF

GcMAF Orally – Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt

140mls daily to be swilled in the mouth for 60 seconds before swallowing. It is recommended that you consume this in the Bravo Super Shake recipe for breakfast or lunch.

GcMAF Rectally – Bravo Suppositories

Minimum dosage - 1 to be inserted, twice a week, on the night prior to a Sonoporation treatment.
Pancreatic, liver or bowel cancer – for maximum effect, 1 every night after retiring.

GcMAF – Intramuscular Injection

Additional doses of GcMAF may be required in-between clinic attendance. This is as determined by a doctor.

GcMAF in the Lymphatic System – twice a week in clinic

GcMAF to be injected into proximity of lymph nodes located nearby tumour mass. Injection is guided by ultrasound imaging. Dosage to be determined by a doctor, but is commonly 1500ng.

GcMAF nebulized to the Lungs – twice a week in clinic

GcMAF to be delivered to the lungs in a mist nebulizer. Dosage to be determined by a doctor, but is commonly 1500ng dissolved in 5mls of saline.

Sonoporation – twice a week in clinic

Increasing tumour membrane permeability and intracellular drug/molecule uptake by cavitation on the cell membrane by using low frequency high power ultrasound for 10 to 15 minutes.